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Fishing Fury

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19/05/2023 10:00 CEST - 28/05/2023 23:59 CEST

Yggdrasil Fishing Fury 40K EUR Tournament

19.05.2023 - 28.05.2023
10:00 AM - 23:59 CET

Total prize pool: €40,000


Prizepool €40,000, 280 lucky players
Position Prize
1 5000
2-3 2000
4-5 1000
6-10 500
11-30 250
31-80 150
81-160 100
161-280 50


Participating games:

Raptor Doublemax, Valley of the Gods, Golden Fishtank2, Nice Catch DoubleMax, Book of Books.

Nice Catch DoubleMax by Yggdrasil Golden Fishtank 2 GigaBlox by Yggdrasil

Valley of the gods by Yggdrasil Raptor Doublemax by Yggdrasil

Book of Books by Yggdrasil


Players can participate in the Tournament running from the 19th to the 28th of May and compete against other 
anglers for a chance to reach the top of the leaderboard. The lucky fisherman at the top of the leaderboard will reel in a grand prize of €5,000! The newly-released Nice Catch as well as our fan-favourite GOlden Fish Tank 2 have been our inspiration for this tournament, and we're sure fishing lovers and the rest of us alike will have the time of their lives catching all kinds of prizes! The Tournament will run from 19-28 May, so get ready to bait your hooks and cast your reels to cartch the big fish!


Terms & Conditions of the Campaign


  1. Fishing Fury campaign runs from 19 May 2023 10:00 CEST - 28 May 2023 23:59 CEST.
  2. Fishing Furyr is a global campaign and it is open to all customers who are aged 18 yearsr or over and have registered an account with SlotsToto.
  3. There is no minimum bet required to participate in any of the stages of the Fishing Fury campaign.
  4. Prize pool for Fishing Fury campaign is set up in EUR and might be subject to currency conversion fluctuations.
  5. Only bets made in playt for real mode qualify for the campaign.
  6. To participate in the campaign, players shall confirm that they wish to take part by clicking "join now" in the pop-up window. Participating players will take part in the campaign by placing a bet in the partcipating games during the campaign period. No additional apyment is required to take part in the campaign.
  7. SlotsToto and Yggdrasil reserve the right to cancel or amend this prormotion at any time.
  8. Following their first win in the participating game, players will be provided with a unique tournament id number ("tournrament id"), which will identify them on the leaderboard, which is available in the game's client. 
  9. The unique tournament id number will be highlighted for the players on the leaderboard in the gamer client to follow their position. Players who are not qualified to leaderboard will not have their position displayed.
  10. Each player's score in the leaderboard is based on the sum of highest multipler win (win to bet ratio multiplied by 20) in any spin in all selected games during the tournament period.
  11. If there are two or more equal scores, the player who scored first will have the higher ranking on the leaderboard.
  12. The highest score achieved throuughout teh campaign period by each player will count for their leaderboard ranking.
  13. Each player's leaderboard position will be refreshed every 60 seconds. In the case of delays or to display up to date leaderboard positions, players will need to reload the game.
  14. Cash prizes from the leaderboard will be credited to the players' accounts after the leaderboard is over. 
  15. SlotsToto and Yggdrasil reserve the right to void scores, or not pay ouyt a prize, where all or part of the score results from any obvious error, mistake or technical fault (including incorrect game payouts) whether caused by a machine or human error in respect of any of the participating games. We further reserve the right to void scores, or not pay out a prize where, in our opinion, all or part of the score results from cheating or collusion with other players.



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